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Laminate Floor Ratings
laminated wood floor
Laminate floor ratings are based on a number of things. Some items you should look for when comparing laminate floor ratings are:
  • Strength and durability of the laminate floor
  • Type of laminate floor finish used
  • Is it high or medium density fiber board
  • AC wear and use rating
The AC wear and use rating is broken down into the following laminate floor ratings:
  • AC2 -21 Moderate residential is the lowest of the laminate floor ratings and should only be used for low use areas such as the bedroom
  • AC2 -22 General residential is good for common areas such as family rooms and dining rooms
  • AC3 -23 Heavy Residential has the highest of the residential laminate floor ratings and can be used in all areas of the home
  • AC3 -31 Moderate Commercial is the lowest of the commercial laminate floor ratings and should be used in low traffic areas such as hotel rooms
  • AC4 -32 General Commercial can be used in all residential areas and is also suitable for large offices and coffee houses
  • AC5 -33 Heavy Commercial is the highest of the laminate floor ratings and can be used in heavy commercial areas such as department stores and shopping centers


Protection & Maintenance of A Laminate Floor
lamenate floor underlayment
Protection and Maintenance of a Laminate Floor
Can anyone install a laminate floor?
The answer is yes. Since the inception of the laminate floor, its ease of maintenance and installation has become its largest asset. Other benefits to a laminate floor are its composition, construction and extremely hard Aluminium Oxide wear layer. Properly installed laminate floors with a high quality subfloor, such as rating_laminate_flooring subfloor membranes, are one of the easiest types of flooring to maintain.

General daily maintenance of your laminate floor is as simple as vacuuming, sweeping or dust mopping. Several generic cleaning solutions are also available to clean a laminate floor. Most major laminate floor manufacturers also have their own cleaning kits with instructions. It is very important that you follow the maintenance schedule of the laminate floor product you purchase. Virtually all laminate floor warranties require specific maintenance schedules.

Laminate floor are a very durable flooring option however; they can be damaged without the proper care and subfloor materials. The best way to keep your laminate floor its best is to understand its limitations. You must follow the maintenance techniques and schedules of the laminate floor you purchase. Never mop laminate floors with soap and water as the water and is not good for your laminate floor. You should also use floor protectors, such as felt under chairs and furniture on your laminate floor.

Even though laminate floor are fade, stain, dent, burn and scratch resistant, it's still possible that you may end up with a scratch, "nick" or dent in your laminate floor. There are simple kits you can buy to repair these problems however problems such as water damage need to be solved before you even lay your laminate floor. Products such as wholesale laminate floor subfloor membranes installed below your laminate floor will keep moisture away from your Laminate floor and allow moisture to drain away. In addition, selecting a laminate floor subfloor membranes replace all other materials needed to install a subfloor for your laminate floor. Installing install laminate floor subfloors is as simple as rolling it out and cutting it to fit.


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