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Laminated Flooring layers
laminated flooring reviews
Laminated flooring may be thin but within that thin laminated flooring, are 4 different layers. The layers for laminated flooring are a wear layer, design layer, wood core and a balancing layer.

laminated flooring - insulating The laminated Flooring wear layer is designed to be a transparent, scratch and stain resistant layer.

The laminated flooring design layer is layer with various patterns that range from wood grains to colorful, fancy, decorative and intricate laminated flooring designs.

The laminated flooring core layer is made from either medium density fiberboard (M.D.F) or high-density fiberboard (H.D.F). The laminated flooring core layer is generally manufactured with water resistant glue.

The laminated flooring balancing or stabilizing layer generally has a melamine resin infused into it to help reduce cupping and warping.


Moisture & Laminated Flooring
laminated flooring and comparison
Laminated flooring is generally constructed using waterproof glue but does not make laminated flooring waterproof. Because Laminated flooring is made of fiberboard, it will absorb moisture and swell however the waterproof glue helps reduce the effects of swelling.
The best way to eliminate moisture from your laminated flooring is to install a glueless laminated flooring instructions subfloor membrane first. laminated hardwood flooring subfloors are environmentally friendly membranes that keep moisture due to capillary rise away from your laminated flooring. When moisture comes through the porous concrete it hits the air gap created by the membrane and is simply drained away to the drainage system.


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